Amodo: Customer-Centric Insurance enabled by IoT

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Mihaela Novic, Marketing Manager, AmodoMihaela Novic, Marketing Manager
“Know your audience,” is a catchphrase that carries great significance in the insurance landscape, predominantly due to the fact that insurance prospects likely prefer services that are tailored to their personal needs. As a result, insurers have been on the lookout for technological developments such as telematics to understand their customers better. Consequently, advancements in the field of mobility with a critical focus on driving, cycling, and walking have gained traction, allowing insurers to analyze the needs and necessities of its user demographic. One among the pioneers in this genre, Amodo, has utilized IoT-driven solution sets to create a gateway for usage-based Insurance (UBI) models.

“Smartphone telematics programs could serve as a vital ingredient for the insurance sector, as they enable insurers to analyze the preferences of their user demographic while they commute,” begins Mihaela Novic, Marketing Manager at Amodo. “Recording and analyzing users’ activities, differentiating various modes of transport, customer engagement, distracted driving prevention, and scoring functionalities go a long way in implementing an ideal smartphone telematics program.”

Amodo’s track record in the insurance space is cemented by its proficiency in IoT technology, amalgamating numerous sensors and services that assist insurers in automatically recording activities of users from a mobility perspective. It is important to note that analysis of the recorded activities is segmented across different modes of transport such as train, taxi, bus, and car, in order to isolate the non-relevant mobility data collected through the IoT peripherals.

Such an analysis paves the way for effective customer engagement for insurers, wherein, driver associated risks are reduced through telematics programs by prompting a positive driving behavior. Amodo provisions tracking of these positive behaviors while taking into account different commute conditions such as topography, road infrastructure quality, legal requirements and limitations, and traffic congestions; this empowers insurers to personalize insurance portfolios in accordance with individual customers.

In addition to these functionalities, Amodo’s UBI models are configurable based on various insurance requirements. The company has diversified its offerings as Pay-as-you-Drive (PAYD), Pay-how-you-Drive (PHYD), Try-before-you-Buy (TBYB), and similar customizable models. Utilizing these models, insurance providers can offer flexible premiums based on the Discount Management and Voucher management modules that the company provides to its clients. All of these features are tailored to the requirements of end-users based on their current needs, bolstered by a high potent telematics solution that enables insurers to truly ‘know their audience.’

“A device can connect with an object, but a smartphone connects with the subject – a user or customer,” is a tagline that the company firmly upholds, cementing the competence of its smartphone telematics solution sets. However, Amodo’s proficiency in the IoT extends to the realms of aftermarket car sensors such as OBD boxes, accelerometers, gyro sensors, and odometers to assess the commute of drivers. Therefore, the company utilizes existing hardware peripherals to aggregate and monitor the behavior of users, thereby offering granular insights to insurance service providers. These insights form the building blocks of insurance product personalization, creating newer ‘on-spot and short-term products.’ With Amodo’s product management module, insurance providers can venture into data analytics, customer segmentation, and risk assessment genres.

The Amodo team firmly believes that flexibility is the secret sauce to customizing insurance products, and its product portfolio is tailored to deliver just that. It offers insurance provides an eventful avenue to expand their offerings by utilizing technologies such as IoT.