Insuranceciooutlook Analytics-in-a-box Platform with Powerful Unstructured Data AI

Rishi Jain, CEO, Srikanth Gurunathan, CTO and Udayakumar Rajamani, CPO, IntelligentEnterprise.aiRishi Jain, CEO, Srikanth Gurunathan, CTO and Udayakumar Rajamani, CPO
As per Gartner research, 75 percent data in enterprise is unstructured in the form of documents, images, emails and voice. Insurance industry deals with unstructured data possibly more than any other industry due to the nature of its sales, underwriting and claim processes. Insurance CIOs and CAOs are mostly focused on structured data analytics. Unstructured data AI can unleash upwards of 20 percent process efficiency, reduce manual errors significantly, and enhance customer experiences in core processes such as sales, underwriting and claims. is an Analytics-in-a-box platform that crawls across the structured data in databases and unstructured data in file system to stream, transform and analyze it in real-time. What make unique are three things–Crawling and Real-time Streaming, Unstructured and Structured Data Management and AI one platform, and highly configurable Analytics App Store. is very simple to deploy and involves 4 configuration steps. First step is to configure where to crawl and stream data from (databases or unstructured files in folders)? Second step is to configure what data to stream (specific tables, fields or files)? Third step is to build In-memory Data Pool to organize data needed for a particular use-case/ analytic app. Fourth step is to develop visualizations, action alerts, AI/predictive models or API based sharing with other systems. has built-in Analytics and AI apps for Life and P&C Insurance industry such as Lead Analytics, Call Center, Agent Analytics, Customer, New Business, Customer Service, Claim, Fraud, Compliance and more can be configured in few weeks and bring 60 percent savings on Analytics and AI initiatives. has helped Insurers in enhancing their lead conversion, customer experience, underwriting effectiveness and compliance.

Enhance Lead Conversion: analyzed visitor’s behavior on the customer’s website, lead information, and demographic information to assign predictive scoring for each lead. The project helped in streamlining the assignment of the right priority, right agent, and the appropriate sell theme to increase conversions by 20 percent. comes with a library of more than 30 configurable insurance specific analytics apps for structured and unstructured data use-cases and provides ROI within one year

Enhance Customer Experience: For another client which has over 2000 branch offices for customers to walk in for services, developed service tickets funnel in real time to help the client gain insights on the number of tickets, ticket type, missed SLAs, bottlenecks, and action alerts. This helped improve SLAs by 30 percent.

Improve Underwriting Effectiveness: Underwriting is a very intense process particularly for life and commercial lines. It involves sifting through several documents. can ingest the unstructured content from the scanned files, medical report images and develop analytics. It helped underwriters validate and enhance risk models.

Medical Record Summarization during Claims: Extract and summarize the information from medical records using NLP and AI to reduce manual effort in claims processing by 25 percent.

PII Compliance: Compliance audit on personal identifiable information in databases, files or images on the servers and network can be carried out through NLP search. comes with a library of more than 30 configurable insurance specific analytics apps for structured and unstructured data use-cases and provides ROI within one year. Due to its component and micro service architecture, it can plug in to the existing processes and workflow easily. can also expose data as APIs for other systems to consume. Pre-built apps helps in deploying and configuring the data streaming, analytics, and prediction in a period of 12-14 weeks. is expanding in U.S., Europe and Asia, and developing partner ecosystem of insurance software, IT, and BPO providers.