BTM Financial: Analytical Solutions Powered by Comprehensive Support

Anupam Oberai, Senior Partner, BTM FinancialAnupam Oberai, Senior Partner
As the analytics and industry expert for some of the largest financial services companies, Anupam Oberai constantly observed the struggles with communication between the business executives and the technology department. The incongruent communication between the two teams lead to silos resulting in inefficient workflow execution internally. A backlog of technology project mandates and the use of outdated models impacted the business adversely. The strategy employed at BTM Financial, founded by Oberai, is unique and is aimed at addressing the communication silos. He felt an outsourced team with industry and technical expertise such as BTM could provide the solution. The company’s senior project managers interact with clients, understand their technology needs from a business perspective, and then communicate the same to their technical team who start building the application as per client requirements. “We can develop a solution and integrate it into any technology platform and or handle the entire development process from scratch enabling clients to make smart, informed, and effective decisions with customization and flexibility.”

BTM Financial delivers analytics solutions in terms of analytical models, application development, data management, and also provides customized support. The company’s mantra is to give clients ‘a complete solution with support from the business end to the technology end.’ He believes that often times, insurance companies having tremendous amount of data resort to analyzing only sample data, which can be inaccurate at times. With the emergence of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence among other technologies the level of manual intervention has reduced drastically simplifying analytics for larger data sets.

From the support standpoint, BTM Financial identifies areas that require support and then provides an expert team that Oberai calls “creating bandwidth within clients’ internal teams.” The team can work with clients to assist them in their needs such as data analytics it can provide support for the solution that BTM Financial creates for the client. “We provide a support team of professionals that offer hands-on assistance, backed by decades of experience and we have strong guidelines in place to ensure that our clients receive best-in-class services.” Additionally, the support team works remotely that further helps clients successfully run their strategy in a cost effective manner.

The company’s ability to gather information and run analytics more efficiently and accurately has garnered a blue chip clientele consisting of leading financial companies, hedge funds to insurance companies. As an example, BTM Financial helped an insurance company build out a platform around their portfolio management with internal tracking and analytics around their portfolios. The solution provided portfolio data aggregated in different reporting systems and analytics allowing the head portfolio manager or CFO to view all data in real time. In addition, BTM Financial also provided a support team for the platform.

Keeping in tune with the overarching theme of providing customized support for better business outcomes, BTM Financial is currently planning to provide customized development teams for startups in the Silicon Valley at a low cost that can help them meet their deadlines set by the venture capitalists. In addition, Oberai highlights on the importance of a range of disruptive technologies that include blockchain and artificial intelligence. Emphasizing on the benefits of blockchain, he says that the technology is currently being used to develop secure and transparent payment and authentication systems that will prove to be useful for insurance companies in the future. Insurance firms can utilize blockchain to automate payments in a secure manner and authenticate people applying for policies and develop analytics behind the process. “We are at the forefront of these technologies enabling insurance firms to get up to that curve.”